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Lifting Accidents

If you’ve had a Lifting Accident at work you could be entitled to Personal Injury compensation. The back is the part of your body that is most commonly affected by lifting accidents, however a host of other injuries could also be caused. At Centenary Solicitors our team of experienced Solicitors specialise in Personal Injury Claims as a result of manual handling.

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that they minimise the risk of injury. To help achieve this, your employer must complete the following:

Manual handling training

Your manual handling training should be more than just a printed handbook, which is very common among employers. You should be trained thoroughly with suitable demonstrations and given the chance to resolve any questions you may have. We can advise if the training you received was sufficient for you employments. Even if the training was sufficient, you may still have a claim for Personal Injury.

Reduce the level of manual handling

To further reduce the risk of injury, your employer must work to reduce the level of manual handling to the lowest possible. One way for your employer to achieve this is to provide you with appropriate lifting and transporting equipment, such as pump-trucks and trollies. They could also reduce the level of manual handling by splitting the workload across a number of employees, or by reducing the amount you are expected to lift. Regular breaks are also necessary to reduce the risk of injury.

Provide equipment

The easiest way your employer can reduce the risk of Lifting Accidents and therefore injuries is to provide you with appropriate work equipment. This includes pump-trucks and trollies but also includes items such as gloves and boots, if necessary. Failure to supply a simple piece of equipment often leads to severe injuries.


Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors specialise in Lifting Accident Claims and are both highly trained and very experienced. We will work with both parties to ensure an accurate outcome can be reached and you are awarded with the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries. At Centenary Solicitors we operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning there is zero financial risk and, in the event that we are unable to win your claim, you will not be charged a penny.

What can we include within your claim?

  • Personal Injury
  • Loss of earnings
  • Private healthcare
  • Cost of care
  • Travel expenses
  • Disadvantage on the labour market
  • Home adaptions
  • Obtain payments to assist financial needs


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