Man at work cutting wood using power tools whilst wearing ear protection.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Have you been subjected to high or sustained levels of noise at any of your employments? Are you finding it more difficult to hear than before? If so, you could be suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss most commonly develops over a long period of time due to sustained exposure to loud noise at your employment, such as factory machines or mills. However, Noise Induced Hearing Loss can also occur after a single event such as a loud explosion. If it was necessary to raise your voice to communicate with work colleagues, you could have been exposed to excessive noise which has since developed into Noise Induced Hearing Loss.


Until recently, ear protection was not a requirement and most employers did not consider it within their risk assessments. As a result of this many employees who were sustained to high levels of continuous noise have since developed Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

At Centenary Solicitors, we specialise in Industrial Disease Claims including Noise Induce Hearing Loss. Even if your existing employer is no longer trading, we can ensure you receive appropriate compensation and treatment, this can include specialist medical care and hearing aids on a private basis.

Industrial deafness, or Noise Induced Hearing Loss, can cause a number of symptoms which include:


Tinnitus is a continuous ringing in the ear, much like if you have listened to loud music, however it does not disappear. Often paired with a loss of hearing this can be a distressing symptom of Noise Induced Hearing Loss causing significant discomfort and distress leading to irritability and mood problems.

Loss of hearing

Resulting in you raising your voice without intention during conversations, requiring the television to be turned up to levels which are uncomfortable for other members of the family.
 Our specialist Industrial Disease Solicitors will assist you on a No Win No Fee basis so there is zero financial risk. In the unlikely event that we are unable to win your claim, you will not be charged anything.

What can we include within your claim?

  • Personal Injury
  • Loss of earnings
  • Private healthcare
  • Cost of care
  • Travel expenses
  • Disadvantage on the labour market
  • Home adaptions
  • Obtain payments to assist financial needs


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