Two wedding rings placed on a judges desk after meeting with divorce solicitors.

Divorce Solicitors

If you request the services of experienced divorce Solicitors, our team are able to assist you. At Centenary Solicitors we can offer a fixed fee divorce package.

When marriages break down and both parties agree that it is best to separate and part ways, a divorce can seem very daunting. At Centenary Solicitors we also understand that the cost of a divorce can be worrying. In such a tough economy our fixed fee divorce packages can help you part ways whilst minimising the risk of expensive law suits. Our packages are available at three different levels and can be easily handled by our experienced divorce Solicitors. This is a cost efficient approach to divorce without the worry of Solicitors eating into your finances.

Our packages

We offer three levels of fixed fee divorce packages. Refer to the image below for further information on each service.

Divorce Solicitors: Chart detailing prices of divorce packages.


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To learn more about our Divorce services, contact us today. Our Solicitors will work hard to ensure your needs considered and an agreement is formed that all parties are comfortable with. You can complete our simple contact form, select ‘contact us’ above, or speak to a member of our team by calling 0800 1123 256.