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Sex or Race Discrimination Claims

If you believe that you have faced discrimination during your employment you could be entitled to take legal action against your employer. It is against the law to discriminate based on your sex, your sexual orientation, your race (including your skin colour, nationality and ethnic background), your religion and beliefs, your disability, or your age. At Centenary Solicitors, we are highly experienced in dealing with sex or race discrimination claims and are able to assist you should you feel the subject to such discrimination.

It might be that you have been discriminated against after entering into a same sex marriage or after undergoing a sex change. If you have noticed a change in the way your colleagues and managers behave towards you, perhaps they are treating you differently or not giving you the opportunity for a pay rise or promotion, despite your abilities, then it might be the case that you are being discriminated against.

There are certain industries or job roles where race or gender is an occupational requirement, and in these situations it is acceptable to insist on a particular demographic when selecting at the application or interview stages of recruitment. For example, if you are being recruited by a religious mosque your sex or race will be taken into consideration. The same goes for pregnant woman, naturally there are job roles that are simply not suited to pregnant woman for health and safety reasons, in which case it would be acceptable to exclude them from the recruitment process.

There are many areas of work that can be affected by sex or race discrimination. Some of these include the recruitment and selection process, promotion, pay and benefits, training, terms and conditions of work and redundancy or dismissal. However, you are also protected upon termination of your employment; for example, your employer refusing to provide a reference that you are entitled to through your resignation relating to sex or race discrimination.

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