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Equal Pay Dispute

The Equality Act of 2010 dictates that it is illegal to discriminate against someone by paying them less, based on such things as their gender, sex or race. However, it is apparent that in some cases of employment this legislation is not being adequately followed, and many individuals are being paid unfairly in comparison with that of their colleagues.

There are many situations where equal pay disputes might occur. Some of these include repeatedly missing out on promotion, being denied the chance to work extra hours due to someone else’s opinion of your abilities, or knowing that your colleagues are earning a higher salary than you even though you are performing the same role. Equal pay disputes do not only affect your working salary, but can also extend to the benefits you receive as part of your employment. For example, if you are a male and a female colleague of yours working in the same position as you at the same level is offered a company car, you too should receive the same offer.

It is your right as an employee to request from your employer key information regarding the pay within the organisation. This might be requested if you are concerned that your salary is not equal to that of your colleagues. Whilst your employer is not liable to provide this information to you, if your claim later extends to an employment tribunal, this compliance or non-compliance will be taken into account.

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