RTA Insurer Services

Defendant Casualty ULR

At Centenary Solicitors we offer a robust, cost effective and pro-active Casualty and Motor service to RTA Insurers.
We work with insurers to ensure that we minimise their indemnity spend in all areas by ensuring that we:

  • Minimise leakage of claims into litigation
  • Fraud detection and prevention strategies
  • Full reporting on insurer spend and trend monitoring
  • Market leading Software and IT systems

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Insurers Outlay Recovery

As the complexity of the RTA Insurer and Legal markets change the need for an efficient, cost effective and knowledgeably recoveries team becomes more and more important.

Our recoveries team seeks to recover insurer outlays and do their utmost to reduce indemnity spend and maintain the client’s reputation in ensuring that as many of their insured’s no claims discounts are protected as possible. We ensure that any insured’s uninsured losses claims are included in the recoveries process.

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Multi-Track and Complex Claims

We can assist in the handling of all High Value and Complex claims whether RTA, Employers Liability or Public Liability matters. Our team has a varied range of experience in handling matters ranging from Catastrophic RTA claims, Complex Employers Liability Claims and Fatalities through to Historic Sexual Abuse, Health and other Social Care matters.

We have a dedicated team which handles all claims from Pre-litigation through to trial and or settlement.

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Claimant Services

We understand that our clients offer the best service available to their insureds and we want to ensure that this continues with our Claimant Services team. In a non-fault accident often clients are annoyed, upset and simply wish for their claim to be handled professionally and swiftly.

However, there are also cases where they sustain injuries and other losses that need recovering.

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Fraud Services

Our specialists in our Fraud Services team work closely with the rest of our departments to where necessary intervene and take over matters where fraud is detected.

They operate along strict guidelines, which identify elements of fraudulent claims as well as utilising their specialist knowledge in the area to extract matters from our Claims teams to ensure they are handled accordingly.

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